Snow Plowing since 1981

You can't predict the weather. You can predict our service. 

Within six hours of the last flake your driveway will be cleared.  I guarantee it!




 Frequently asked questions:


Q.  What is the purpose of having a snow removal service?                                

  A.   An average snowstorm can drop 4000 pounds or more of snow in your driveway, that's a bit of work for any snow blower or even more if you shovel. Sure it can be good exercise if its on a weekend, but not when you need to get someplace. While the use of a snow removal service is not necessary, longtime snow residents and visitors alike have found snow removal to be an affordable and timesaving service. When visitors arrive the last thing they want to tackle is a three-foot berm and two feet of snow in the driveway. Similarly, residents enjoy not having to clear their driveways before work or after returning home.


 Q.  When do you start snow plowing?


 A.  It all depends on the agreement you decide on, we can start at 2, 4, or 6 inches. OR a maintenance level I.E. (when the job needs to be done).  This means that 2 inches of warm slushy snow followed by freezing temperatures, is more problematic than 3 inches of dry snow followed by warming temperatures.  Snowstorms lasting a long time period, we come every 4-6 hours to ensure safe access to your home, in case of an emergency.


 Q. How close can you get to my garage door?                  


 A.  In most cases, our trucks can safely maneuver within 10" to 15" inches of your garage door or car. Our operators will remove snow from around these areas to the best of their ability. However, they may decide that the potential for damage to your property does not warrant the risk of removing a few more inches of snow.


 Q.  Can you have my driveway plowed by 7:00 AM so I can leave for work?


 A.  It is our goal to have your driveway plowed by early morning and evening hours.  It is important to us that you are able to go to work. Snow plowing is a dangerous service to provide.  Roads can be dangerous due to conditions such as car accidents, down trees, or power lines.  Our job commitment is to the safety of people and property.


  Q.  How do you configure the price of my driveway?


  A.  The first consideration is the length of the driveway. The second would be, are there any hazards, slopes or steep pitches?  Are there any obstacles such as bushes, flowerbeds, abutting next to the driveway?  The next thing I look for in a price is the condition of the driveway.  The flatter the asphalt is, the cheaper the price. Do to the high price of fuel, prices may change, if you have a contract with   
mr-plow, your  contract price will be locked in.


  Q.  My driveway has stubborn ice areas.  How can you solve this problem?


  A.  Some driveways face compass north and do not receive any direct sunlight. This will cause the pavement to freeze first and retain ice. Pre and post salting, can reduce or eliminate this problem.

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